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About Estimate
Base estimate includes: Tear off 1 Layer on a 7 pitch or under roof. Replace with GAF Natural Shadow or Owens Corning Oakridge – Lifetime Dimensional Shingles.
New synthetic underlayment, Ice and water shield on eaves and valleys, new drip edge, new pipe boots, new vents, magnet sweep, clean up and haul away debris.
Lifetime Manufactures Warranty, 10yr Labor.

There are additional costs for 2nd layer tear off $15/square, Steep roof $10-$20/square depending on how steep, New chimney flashing if needed $200-400 depending on size.
A flat roof or low slope may have a higher cost per square due to needing either Ice and Water underneath or a flat roof material like GAF Liberty Modified Bitumen Membrane.
Bad wood Replacement is $30-$40 (depending on height and pitch) per 4×8 1/2″ OSB.

1 square = 10’x10′ area. 3 bundles of shingles = a square.
When calculating how many squares will be installed on a roof there is a scrap factor of 8-18% depending on how cut up the roof is.
There are additional bundles used for starter, hip and ridge cap that are also added to the grand total.
The above tool is for a rough estimate – just follow up with us and we will measure for materials and quote the job exactly for you.

10% of company profits will be donated to a church or charity of your choice.